Two children sitting on the ground with a bucket of food.

Transfer Tilapia Fish Day

A man and girl are in the kitchen

Introducing 70 Fish at Rusty Acres into Aquaponics tank

A man laying on the ground in front of a table.

Silly boy cleaning 160 gal tank for a future breeding tank

A man standing next to an aquarium with plants.

Very Proud Boy after 160 Gal Tilapia Breeding tank build

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A girl and her father are working in the kitchen.

Young girl learning Basil transferring

A girl in blue jacket standing next to some plants.

Young girl introducing new Basil plants into Deep Water Culture

Kids love to learn the importance of  AQUAPONICS FARMING as well get hands on training with direction at Rusty Acres Organics

A plant is sitting on the scale and it's weight

31 Grams Sweet Basil

A white shirt with an illustration of a man and some fish.

Kids Shirt logo

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    A look at Rusty Acres Organics   

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A rusty old truck is parked in the snow.

48 Mercury in the winter

A dog sitting in front of an old car.

Rex our farm dog

A row of lettuce growing in a greenhouse.

Butter Crunch

A red and white tractor is in the snow.

Old Snapper Lawn mower in the snow







A close up of some red peppers growing on the vine

A dog laying on the ground next to an old truck.


A close up of tomatoes growing on the vine

Grown Fresh even in the Winter










A dog sitting in front of an old red truck.

Hawzel who is well missed at Rusty Acreas

A fish tank and some other items in a room.

Rustaponics Classroom System

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