A small farm located in Lake Country B.C creating a big impact on what so many think is traditional farming.

Here at Rusty Acres Organics we practice and teach Aquaponics. We are actively growing inside Sea Cans year round and raising healthy happy Tilapia using their waste to grow vigorous, fresh vegetables and leafy greens.

Rusty Acres is a place that will always welcome you and your family to follow us in our adventures of “Always Growing” projects in new and wonderful ways.

Our goal is to demonstrate new farming methods indoors and some of the “Old School” ways outdoors. We are always growing and learn something new and we would like to share what we discover with you.

A man on a truck unloading a container.

Unloading Sea can Aquaponics

A room filled with lots of different sized containers.

Transformation and building Aquaponics inside Sea Can

A building that is on top of a hill.

Night View